How to play Diver? Rules, strategies, and chances to win

Slot creators are constantly inventing something new, trying to outperform the competition and attract the attention of new players. This is what the developers of Diver have achieved to reach, as well.

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how to play diver


For countless players, this project is brilliant, special, and unusual because it offers a unique gaming experience, not unlike classic slot machines with reels and winning lines.

slot diver

What is the slot Diver?

The Diver is a betting game in gambling houses, where everyone has an equal chance to increase their bets significantly. The games are easy to understand, and even a newbie can try their luck. At the start of each round, the odds start at x1 and can go up to several hundred or even thousands. The submarine graph goes up, and the multiplier goes up quickly. The player's job is to withdraw the money in time before the submarine collapses. You can do it manually and in automatic withdrawal mode. In other words, you choose your multiplier, at which point you automatically withdraw money from the game. The mechanics are very similar to another popular game, the airplane game. How do we play the Aviator online? Before starting, we bet. You can place two bets or limit yourself to one. To the left side, you can see the bets from other players. The main thing is to have time to withdraw the bet every time before the plane hits. The Aviator's chart has a minimalist retro design.

The Benefits of the Diver:

The higher the sub climbs, the higher the multiplier. It is the player who influences the size of the winnings. We advise the player to be very careful and avoid unnecessary risks. If you stay calm, you can not only enjoy the gameplay but also earn a good amount of money. Thanks to the Provably Fair, the developer InOut ensures the game's integrity. The multiplier is not generated by the casino website, but by a tamper-proof random number generator (RNG).

What is the difference between Diver and other crash games? The most popular slot machines have classic reel spinning in their core. The Diver works on a different principle. It's an exciting game with quick spins where you can win a lot of money in a matter of seconds. The algorithm is as simple as possible, and the design is cluttered but pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the app works flawlessly on PCs and various mobile devices, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

⚡ RTP 98%
🔥 Volatility Medium
⭕ Minimum Bet $0.10
⭕ Maximum Bet $100
🎁 Bonus Yes
📞 Support 24/7
✅ Play for Free Yes

registration and entry diver

Registration and entry

To play the Diver game for real money, the user must register with the casino first. One official site guest becomes a full-fledged customer only after completing registration. Despite this, anyone wishing to try out any slot for free should familiarize themselves with its rules and RTP. To do this, hover the cursor over the game of interest, then click on the "Demo" button.

How do I register to play Diver step by step?

  1. Open the official casino website.
  2. At the top of the screen, press "Register".
  3. Enter your email address or phone number.
  4. Think of a strong password.
  5. Select the account currency.
  6. Check the "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" box.
  7. Click "Register".
  8. Use a welcome bonus in real money.

Although the customer can use all the features immediately after registering. We recommend you confirm the phone number and email. It is necessary to ensure safety and security, as well as to verify the account.

top up my account diver

How can I top up my account?

Once the player has tested the slot machine Diver in demo mode, it's time to start playing for real money. But to do that, you need to top up the casino account. Here are the deposit forms:

How can I deposit?

  1. Access the website.
  2. Click the "Deposit" button at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the appropriate transmission method.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the limits and provide your payment details.
  5. Enter the desired transfer amount.
  6. Confirm the transaction with the SMS code.

The casino does not charge an additional withdrawal fee. However, the bank or other financial institutions can charge extra.

Diver game work

How does the Diver game work?

The game principle of Diver is quite simple:

  1. On the screen, we see the multiplier curve going up.
  2. The numbers change rapidly. These numbers are the multiplier by which your bet will be multiplied in the future.
  3. There are two large buttons on the control panel. They serve to confirm bets and withdraw funds. Bet/cashout size and automatic bet with the amount you bet on each round.
  4. Cash the bet out before the disaster strikes.
  5. If the player does not press "Cash Out" before the submarine goes down, the player loses the round and the money.
  6. If the player manages to stop the game in time, the multiplier at which he pressed 'Cash Out' is multiplied by the bet amount.

So, the main goal is to cash in before the multiplier flies away.

honest diver

Proof of honesty

The Diver has the "Provably Fair" cryptographic technology at its core. The diagram in the figure below shows how a round of each game is formed. The final result is generated using the server that sends 16 random characters from the first three players. When the game starts, this data is combined and generates a hash, which later generates the result. No one can influence the outcome of the round. Anyone can check its impartiality due to the transparency of the procedure. Fair technology probably ensures that the outcome is 100% fair. Thanks to this technology, no third party can interfere with gameplay.

The game functionality of Diver Casino is quite simple and does not require any special skills. To get started, familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. In the upper right corner, there is a panel with basic settings. Between these two buttons are numbers – these are your game account. In a real game, US dollars (or any other currency of your choice) will be displayed here. Below you see colored ovals which are your multiplier stats. This is a very important tool for applying winning strategies.

Below the Diver games table is the betting feature. The player can do the following

To the left of the main game box is a panel with information about the bets of other players, your bets, and the statistics of the main winners. The live version of Diver will also have in-game chat to communicate with real players. There is also a clickable "Provenly Honest" banner at the bottom left. By clicking on it, you can verify that the game is indeed based on a random number generator, and no one can interfere with the gameplay.

demo diver game

Demo game

Diver has a useful feature, also known as the demo mode. It allows players to familiarize themselves with the game's functionality, try out strategies before playing Diver for money, and have fun. You can find a lot of information about the prediction of the Diver game algorithm. These can be special applications offering Hack and Cheat codes, videos on YouTube, or other sources. We believe that such information cannot be trusted as the result of the game is a result of the Random Number Generation (RNG).

strategies diver


There are several strategies to win this game. All of them are valid, but none guarantees a one hundred percent result.

The single bet strategy. In this section, all techniques and tactics can be divided into three types of different degrees of risk:

The multiple-bet strategy. Usually, more experienced players use it. The most popular strategies in this section:

Before playing Diver for money, try it in a demo mode. Follow your chosen strategy until the end. Don't change your tactics mid-session. If the game isn't going well, take a 20-30 minute break. Study other players' stats, multipliers, and other useful information. Even easier tip: play wisely and responsibly! Know when to stop and never review your bank account.

mobile application diver

Mobile application

Along with the official Diver crash game demo mode, a mobile app can also be used for learning. Unfortunately, there is no such InOut app, but it is possible to download a mobile version of the casino and enjoy the game. These apps can be used to play games for free from any device including smartphones, tablets, and even PCs. You can find them both on AppStore and Google Play, as well as on the websites of some online casinos. Downloading an APK from a reputable casino website is considered a more reliable option, eliminating the possibility of a virus or phishing.

How do I start playing Diver?
Playing at Diver will be available after logging in and depositing your account. Go to the casino website, register and log in to your personal cabinet. It remains to make a deposit, after which you can start playing with bets.
Is there a winning strategy in the game Diver?
Experienced players often use Martingale, D'Alembert and Fibonacci strategies. Proven strategies keep the balance between risk and cash winnings.
How to sign up?
To register, go to the website with the game, open the "Registration" form and fill out the form. You can create an account by giving your phone number or email address.
How to make the first bet?
After registering and making a deposit, open Diver. Assign the desired amount of bets through the bottom panel. Here also click on the button "Bet" for confirmation. It remains to wait for the best odds and take your winnings.